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    i put my resume into all the hvac contractors in my city
    as an hvac installer helper ,do i follow up with the owner
    in a week by phone? reapply with another resume in 1 to 2
    months,i want to be very persistent and professional but
    not rude any ideas ? thanks

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    Ive heard a phone call every monday morning about 930 am is a good idea.They're usually busy and will get sick of hearing from you EVERY week.If ya work for stop calling.Good Luck.
    Go RCR!

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    Honestly I would not keep contacting them first thing in the morning. too much stuff is going on then. Now if they have a secretary in their office, make the effort to stop in once a week and let them know your are real interest and tell them your not trying to inconvenace them by stopping in, but that you are just trying to let them know how bad you would like to work for them. Possibly mail them another copy of your resume, then a note every few weks letting them know that you are still out there and your just reminding them that your there if you happen to need someone, JUST DIDNT WANT YOU TO FORGET ABOUT ME. Just be nice , if you get a chance to work for the boss you might ask him if there is anything that you could do that would make you more apealing to them, maybe some training you could get..... just feel him out to see if you can get a better idea if he would really hire you if he had an opening.

    #1 dont be a pain in the ass and make it so you are in the way and keeping him or his employees from getting their job done. Let them know how interested you are as nice as possible. When I was young I tried getting on at a factory by going there every day for around 2- months and it wasnt a short drive. I got to know the girl in the office pretty well and she said if she had any pull she would do what she could to get me on. She said that she never had anyone ever come out every day for that long....didnt do me any good tho. Some jobs it just depends on who ya know, no matter how hard you try. SAD BUT TRUE

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    send in a week later(never on a monday,tuesday...ZOOLAND)weds...thurs cool..friday they have the weekend planning and their not interested.that follow up might lead to a sitdown but leave it with "I'll call you when the weather breaks into the spring" to see if your hiring then.thank you ....goodbye!
    "when in doubt...jump it out"

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    great advice dec !! thats what i will do ,thanks!!!

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