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    Compressor Problems and Hard Start recommended fix

    My AC unit has gone out. The outside condenser unit is making a god awful sound. The capacitor has been changed since the video below but it is still making the sound and not blowing cold air into the house.

    Does this sound like a killed compressor from a prolonged system failure? I am trying to learn the industry terms and how an HVAC system runs. I have not run across any thing where the condenser is making this noise and don't think that a hard start kit will help it. Is this the sound of the compressor trying to compress liquid? Again I am trying to understand the mechanics of the compressor and not asking for DIY help just what could be wrong with it. I have come to terms that I need a new unit. I was just wondering if the advice on a Hard Start Kit installing from a tech is the way to go or should I just save that money and put it towards a new unit.


    AC Specs:

    Carrier Model: 38BRc036330 (R-22)
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