The CIA had a new job opening for an assassin and had narrowed it down to 3 men.
The 3 men were to pass a test.

The first man was lead into a room, in the middle of the room was a chair and his wife tied to it. They handed him a gun and said "you will have to kill your wife. To be in the CIA you can't have any feelings towards anybody."
They left the room and gave him 5 minutes to complete the task. After 5 minutes the man came out crying and said he couldn't do it, he loves his wife.

The second man was told the same thing and after 5 minutes in the room he also came out crying and couldn't do it.

The 3rd man was told the same thing, He went in and all was quiet, Then all of a sudden you hear screaming and yelling and loud banging for a good 4 minutes. Finally the man came out exhausted and said " y'all didn't tell me there were blanks in that gun! I had to beat her to death with that damn chair!"
He was awarded the job....