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    lead generation

    I was wondering about what your companies do , we are expected to turn in so many leads on so many calls. is this the norm?

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    I'm old school, I am a service tech, not a sales tech. However, as a business owner, generating leads is crucial to a companies survival. There is a healthy balance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nilamots View Post
    I was wondering about what your companies do , we are expected to turn in so many leads on so many calls. is this the norm?
    so what do you do recommend that customers rip out a 7 or 8 year system because it popped a capcitor

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    thats my point, what is normal, with service repairs and lalour rates so high changing out a venter motor can cost 3 to 500 bucks would you tell the guy with say a 12 year old G24 to fix it or replace it

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    I am the type that would rather repair than replace. the company i am with is the opposite. The boss says to me " give them the price to replace the part and fix the issue that caused the part to fail in the first place. then show the customer other energy saving repairs that i could do at the same time and the cost of doing that also. After going over all this with the customer ask them if they would like an estimator to come out while the parts i need are on order to give the homeowner the option to replace the current system with a new energy efficient one" that is straight from the bosses mouth. so i do what he tells me.

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    some day someboby will end up on 60 minutes

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    Im not saying to rip anybody off and i still believe that you repair when it makes sense to but i like options and hate one way solutions so i give all of my clients options especially if they have a 10 yr plus system and are looking @ $1000 or more in repairs without anymore warranties and decreased efficiencies- not saying to immediately replace but its something to think about. Its a healthy balance like previously stated and really a case by case study i think. Hope this helps

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    I like to fix things too. If you are doing everything right that's all that matters. if someone needs a new unit then tell them it. but don't go selling someone something that they don't need or want, A good tech can reed the costumer and tell what they want/willing to do. that goes for everything humidifiers eac iaq new systems. you are there to inform and educate the costumer. Its all about 3 things, doing it right, making money and making the costumer happy. O yeah and one more thing R.T.F.M..... If you do what I say you'll be a priceless Tech

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    It depends

    on what the company considers a lead. An add-on humidifier or air cleaner can be a lead, programmable thermostat, duct cleaning (if your co. does that) is a lead. To me, any additional work that creates revenue for the co. is a lead, not just equipment replacement.


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    My company doesn't have a quota, I'm told to do right by the customer, give them a price and option to repair (if possible) and a price and option to replace and give them good quality advice.

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    If you're expected to be part of the sales process you should also be part of the commission process.
    It's fine to get leads from the techs but to have expectations of quantity puts a tech in the sales field and they should have a piece of the pie.
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