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    Boris from Russia

    Several years ago Boris was walking home from his job at the smelter in Russia. He always took the short-cut along the river as it saved him a couple of miles on the way home. As he was alking in the sand along the river, he noticed what looked like a bottle sticking up out of the sand at the waters edge. Curious, he picked it up and started rudding the dirt and sand off the bottle. Low and behold, out popped a fat little Russian genie.

    The genie said, " Since you have freed me fromm the bottle, I am to grant you 1 wish. Think of something you dearly love and don't often get." Boris thought for a few minutes and said," You know, I really love good vodka, but with the small amount of money I make, I can't afford to buy any." After thinking it would be hard to get a barrel of vodka home from the riverbak, he asked the genie to make him to be able to "pee" vodka. The stated that if that was his wish then it would be so.

    Unsure of whether the genie had granted the wish, Boris finished cleaning the botle and peed into it. He carefully put the bottle to his lips and took a sip. To his surprise, it was vodka, very good vodka.

    Excited, he ran home and burst into the house shouting, "Natasha! Come quick and bring 2 glasses." Natasha came with the 2 glasses and curiously asked," Boris, what is wrong? Why the 2 glasses and all the shouting?"

    Boris quickly told what had happened and then peed into both glasses. Natasha was skeptical, but after Boris drank his and showed no ill effects, she drank from her glass. She was surprised that it really was vodka.

    The next 2 nights in a row, Boris ran home and upon entering the home, yelled for Natasha to bring 2 glasses and again they shared vodka.

    The next day when Boris arrived home he called for Natasha, but did not request the glasses. Fearing that the vodka was no longer available she asked, " Boris, what is wrong? The last 3 evenings you have asked for 2 glasses so we could share the vodka? Tonight you did not ask for glasses. is the vodka gone?

    Boris replied," No, no, Natasha. The vodka is not gone. Tonight is Friday and the weekend has started. Tonight you drink from the bottle!!"
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    Haha! Nice one!

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