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    Thermostat problems

    I have a Carrier Edge non-programmable thermostat for dual-fuel.
    Stat works fine........but will make a call for heat immediately after satisfying. No down time.
    I cannot find where this stat has the ability to adjust to correct this problem.
    T-stat is in good location on interior wall and wired properly (I think). Has worked properly in past. equipment is 3rd-season in house.
    My furnace has not shut-off but for a minute or less, unless I lower temp on stat and wait for temp. to drop for a call for heat.
    I am an experienced HVAC guy who has never experienced this issue, good thing its at my own house.
    Any ideas.
    PS: I just bought this house.

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    Moved to Tech to Tech forum.
    Contractor locator map


    How many times must one fix something before it is fixed?

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    Do you have the installation instructions? In the setup menu, make sure the settings reflect your actual equipment. Post a model and maybe we are allowed to send a link to the installation instructions. I think cycles per hour or anticipator is one of the settings.

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