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    mnflo3t controller
    the digital room sensor with lcd display
    what changes do i need to make in the program to get the controller to accept the setpoint from the room sensor. it previously had just the sensor and the setpoints were received from the dms front end through the signal program.

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    Others could more more confidently state what changes are needed to the mnflo3t configuration to get the setpoint to come from the Deluxe display sensor instead of the VAV software setpoints.

    I can say though, that one thing I have overlooked at times, and maybe others have, is that to get the setpoint to come from the lcd display sensor one can't have a setpoint for the VAV entered into the DMS, as a DMS entered setpoint will definitely overide either the LCD tstat setpoints and the VAV software setpoints.

    Maybe you've already done this, but if not, you need to go to the particular VAV that you put the lcd display sensor on through the DMS user interface (oprif.) In the oprif, either at the DMS or MicroSmart level, if there are any setpoints are entered into that VAV's MicroNet VAV MC 26 Point config block, the setpoint(s) need to be blanked out by putting the cursor over the setpoint value, hit =, then enter, and you should see ******** where the setpoint was. The VAV's setpoint source should then revert to control from either the LCD display sensor or from the internal software setpoint. If the VAV's point config block at the Microsmart (field controller, VAV integrator) is mapped up to the DMS (area controller) any edits done at either level will be reflected in the other level.

    If I remember, when upgrading a plain s-link sensor to a deluxe lcd display s-link tstat, if DMS doesn't have control of the setpoints, then as the deluxe tstat is installed, the setpoint source automatically changes from the internal VAV software settings to the LCD display tstat.

    You may need also to enable H(ea)tS(et)P(oint) Tracking if there's reheat attached to the VAV, so that the heating setpoint tracking the cooling setpoint that is changed at the lcd display. Default deadband is 2deg F.

    Hmm anyway I run into this quite a bit, because there's been a mix of plain and deluxe sensor, along with the occaisional setpoints entered at the DMS level... now through in a Niagara/Tridium level setpoint above the DMS, for a real rubics cube puzzle. Good luck.

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