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    thanks everyone for the posts, and for all who commented on me getting up enough posts to get to PRO status, well, that is one of my goals in this line of questioning. I also got the one answer I was looking for earlier that NO, I can not accurately determine the cause of the low pressure without determining the sub cooling and super heat first, which takes me out of the game of any further diagnosis of my system until I aquire a thermometer to attach to the suction and liquid lines. A sr tech at my company has one so I will be using his aid in the near future. Thanks again people! oh and motoguy, I am positive that this 3 ton package unit definitely oversized for the house, but I will be doing air distribution calculations soon.
    Well welcome and see you on the dark side soon.

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    Impulse, if you search on "heat pump charging in heat mode" you'll find that it's a LOT dicer to accomplish - I'd echo the multiple recommendations above to either wait for a warm enough day that can both allow operation in cooling and that the charts will allow a close approach to your target superheat. If you've got an android phone or tablet, HVAC buddy can help with the calculations. (Although I, too, lust for the equipment that will simply tell me what number to aim for - understanding the underlying science and engineering will carry you far).

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    your a second term and dont have a thermometer? how do you do any sort of diagnosis? calc sub cooling and superheat should be the first thing you were taught.

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