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    They don't make 'em like this anymore.

    Saw this the other day.

    Clean and still working fine as the day it was installed almost 28 years ago.
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    Nope not since about 1978 and they lasted 30 years with little maintenance..

    But, some of there old furnaces were HEAVY DUTY with cast iron single burners..

    What about the condenser line welded to suction line run on top of the hugh compressor. 2.0 ton Side discharge, with big coil enough to pump 60,000 btu today's units.
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    I had an EAC once, the cell was 2' X 2' X 3'long and weighed about 30#. Old thing still worked too! Customer was very proud of his self-cleaning EAC. I took the cell out to his driveway and cleaned it with a mild coil cleaner mix, it was beautiful. He loved it and I was going to get a picture of it next time I went there. But I didn't work at that company next year. He had it still in place in his return connected to a Lennox Duracrack furnace, EAC was bigger than the furnace!

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