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    Janesville WI
    Thieves make off with 26,000 of beer in West Bend WI
    384 24-packs of MGD cans
    560 18-packs of MGD 12 ounce bottles
    980 18 packs of MGD 12 cans
    40 24-packs of miller light 16 ounce plastic bottles
    now all they need to find is about 2,000 lbs of brats
    to get the party going

    sorry didnt see out-reps post

    [Edited by jtricor on 02-25-2006 at 01:11 PM]

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    Double post...

    Do you want me to delete Rep's posts?

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    Hey hey hey mine is much more informitive LOL

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    where the beer flows like wine
    otto, have you been to West Bend WI lately?

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