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    They were talking on the radio last night about urinals in Europe being done away with. So now all the men (or used to be )in Europe have to sit to pee. They said it is because of the womenís movement over there, that men used the fact that they stand to pee as a sign of superiority over women. So to make things equal urinals must go. The Bathrooms in Swedenís schools have had the urinals removed already. They also said that this trend will spread to the good ole US of A, this makes me unhappy. There are some here that this will not effect-OSR, Dice, Dhvac, mattm, otto, hvac_czar, and most of the west coast guys, but the rest of us should be deeply concerned. And do not think for a moment that you will just stand in the stall and pee, that has been outlawed as well. Dutchcool you should be extra concerned, if you stand at the pot to pee you may sprinkle a little on your wooden clogs and they will rot out, leaving you shoeless. So please report back to us and let us know what the eff is going on over there.

    Also I know you like to post pictures, but in this case please don't. You can E-mail them to Dice if you like. You guys over there are ruining your chance to host the next convention so do something soon. I would send spotts and beenie over to investigate but beenies wearing my hat and I have enough problems here I don't need problems there to. Well I'll leave you with these words of encouragement

    ................................................. "STAND UP FOR YOUR RIGHTS".....................

    Madeinusa: No need to flip out on me I will just assume that this thread has angered you, as I know you do not like potty talk.

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    Why don't we have unrinals in our homes, especially if you have a few sons?
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    Anyway, give it time, after the guys pee all over the toilet seats they will change it back.
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    I have a urinal in my house its down stairs next to the kegerator

    its not hooked up yet just have to find the time

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    My neighbor have 2 urinals is his house. 2 girls, 3 boys. Lots of beer drinking.

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    vmc, i thruely hope it is NOT true, i like to urinate standing tall!
    I do hope i expres my superiority with it, and specialy in bars!I like to splash my boots.I am not worried at all about the floor, if i miss a little [due to wind] i will provide a lady work![somebody has to clean it up]
    So if this thing comes for real, i might join politics, and i will ask for a revote , and a redisign for the restrooms

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    I will just wiz on the seat that will end that.

    Powerbomb courtesy of captain Insano!

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