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    A couple of thousand dollars or so for a engine. Well that's better than for my Ford 7.3 Diesel. I thought I was going to have to replace it and they were talking about $9000 installed. I checked at Auto Zone and a few other places and they wanted about $5000 to $7500 for a long block. Got lucky and just had to have the heads rebuilt.

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    Rebuild yourself is the best bet, get the block and crank machined, definitely get some forged pistons, the autozone engine will have cast, summit has good kits for reasonable prices

    Is this a performance engine or just a weekend cruiser? makes a difference when selecting parts

    Youll find a lot of good info here also, best Ford tech site on the net, they have a cleveland forum there also

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    Rebuilding takes some careful thought but don't let it intimidate you. I did my 1st 350 when I was 17 years old and it went over 80k befrore I got rid of the car and it was still running strong.

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    this will be mainly a weekend driver.that said, i still want to be able to haul ass when the urge hits me!
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