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    There are 2 guys in my one horse town who really PI-- me off.The one guy walks in my shop and tries to be nice but when he talks i wanna strangle him!!! He says "ooo I never zone duct work those things never work".Now what "things" are we talking about??Also I guess every system only requires 1 zone.Hey I never knew that.He then says"hey do you price by the ton"? How do you price by the ton???Explain this pricing genious to me?Every home is the same and well that must be it.The lack of professionalism between him and his guys is actually humerous.He wont be around much longer.Now the other jerkoff does good work but is just a DI--!!Always low balling to out bid us its just plain bad for business!The two of them are killing the market in my town.Thats why were pushing areas outside our area.This way we can actually price accordingly and not be low balled by these half assed local hillbillies!!! OOOO 1 more thing the first guy syas"I sized that furnace correctly and well how do you size"? Now he wouldnt even be able to spell manuel J let alone me take the time to explain it! I guess every run is a 6 or 7 " and well its a 3 ton so thats the price.LOL LOL LOL

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    Know the feeling - run in to same type of "contractors" all the time. Wish they would start requiring more than a pickup with a magnetic sign to do this type of work

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    it is not only the pick-up guys doing that crap. some of the biggest companies in our area sell that way.

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    I think *Manuel J* left for Tijuana....

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    Probably sizing with the finger method...

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    Licensing doesn't help. Same hack-o-rama around here even with inspections.

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    recently I worked for the largest residential hvac company in N cali. They are in the busniess of mass producing and mass installation

    Most of the installers have no idea what Manual "J" is or manual "D"

    They threw down the stucco covered styrofoam pad , furnace in the attic, all of the sheet metal was fitted to the flex
    all of the runs were already cut to length

    last year they paid their best installers $10.00 an hour and expected 2 houses a day per installer, on new installs

    I almost forgot the best part. I had to explain what a vac pump was used for and why a vac is drawn on a system when installing to one of their best installers

    two yrs ago they had such a banner year that they bought out two companies that bid against them

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