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Thread: Aluminum wiring

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    I just bought a house with aluminum wiring .It was built in 1974. Im having the panel upgraded to breakers and having all outlets checked.Im having any questionable ones relpaced with CO/ALR rated devices.Has anyone heard of the COPALUM repair system for aluminum wiring? IS it necessary?

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    You might look at the following websites... here, here, here.

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    The CopAlum crimp method is the best way to pigtail, But.
    The problem is finding someone that can do it and it isn't cheap. Also Tyco has been on the verge of discontinuing the manufacture of the materials due to lack of sales. You have to go there and take the training course then lease the equipment.
    The next best solution is pigtailing with 3M twistlock connectors, but 3M stopped having the connecters UL listed for Aluminum wire because of costs to profits. You can still buy them and its what I use for splices. Have the electrician redo all the spice connections with these and antioxidant.
    Have all the devices changed to CO/ALUM rated, not just the ones that look bad. I've never seen a failure when done properly.

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