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    Just a FYI for identifying Copeland semi compressors with an internal oil pump. The 4th character will be an 'A" or "B". (If it's remanufactured by Copeland)

    Example: The KAT1-0100 is now a KATA-0100 and the KAT2-0100 is now a KATB-0100.

    This applies to the air cooled familes; E, H, K, L and 3A.

    Also, the "A" designation is used on three phase and the "B" is used on single phase models.

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    Got the thing all back together and running. The place where the old OEM pump housing cracked was paper thin (between two of the perimeter bolts in icemeisters picture). The aftermarket part was much thicker in this area so maybe this is a problem that occurs often enough to warrant their different design of the part.

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