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    sizing up a unit

    If this is not where i should be posting, i apologize and please delete this thread. I'm closing on a house in a few days. The house is in Levittown, Pennsylvania. 3 bed 1 bath rancher "levittowner" as its called. 1000 sq. ft. It has oil burner base board heat. Were looking to switch over to central heat and cooling. I'm not here to ask for pricing. I'm trying to size up a unit. My question is for a 1000 sq ft home about 60 years old, how many tons/Btu's of cooling/heating is suitable for this home? I know that another important factor is how well insulated the walls and roof are but what would be the average size unit in that type of home? Thanks in advance for any input.

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    Best thing is to find a professional in your area that can come and do a Manual J heat load for the house. This takes into account not just the size of the house, but the insulation, the windows, which way the house faces, shading, number of occupants. This will tell you for your area what size unit is required, because what is suitable for your home where your at may not be suitable for the same "size" home in another part of the country.

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