Would Like some advice on what set points to use on setting up staging of the compressors on an older rack I am serviceing.

Its an old Kysor/Warren (or Sherrer.. cannot remember right now) that runs on mechanical controls. The rack had been running wide open for who knows how long. A quote is currently being worked up for an Einstein controller for both racks at this store, but int he mean time, I would like to get the compressors cycling on mechanical.

It's R222, 20deg suction header. (43psig)


All Copeland

2 3DS3R17ME. This compressor is listed on copelands OPI as a HT comp at 116,000btu. They are 10 HP comps.

1 3DS3F46KE. This compressor is listed on copelands OPI as a LT comp at 37,500btu. It is 7HP

1 3DB3A100E. This actually is a MT compressor. 87,000btu. 7.5HP

So. Any suggestions other than changing the 3 compressors to MT compressors?

Thanks in advance!