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Thread: Trane BCU NICs

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    Does anyone know if there is a supplier (other than trane) that continues to stock any D-Link DE-220PCT ISA slot cards. I know the card is no longer manufactured by D-Link. Google searches turn up plenty of suppliers with no inventory (I wish these guys would update their sites - they are making me nuts!).

    Perhaps a similar card exists that would work with a BMTW.

    Any suggestions appreciated.

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    BCU expects isa card to be at a specific irq and com, that is why your best way is to buy from trane.
    smc made the original isa cards so even you find a third party isa card, most likely the irq and com are jumperless which means the card wants the PC or in this case BCU to set the card's irq/com, which BCU will not.
    But if you got some money to burn and maybe you get lucky:

    Theoritically you could find an isa card that comes with intrupt setting utility software, stick in a pc that has an isa slot, run the software, set the card up with the right parameters, and then install the card in BCU and pray.
    Now if I only could remember what the irq and com settings were? If you have any old tracer summit manuals it was in the back index pages.

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    Practically Canadian ehh.
    Dlink, SMC, Allied Telesysn, and I think Actron sold for a short while. I have had great luck with the SMZ EZnet 10, find them on ebay for $5-10 all the time.

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    Thanks Guys!

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