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    Originally posted by Jultzya
    Originally posted by pabull
    But it's a damn shame that a douchebag like Titless can help drive a man to give up something that he enjoyed...
    Nope, fact is, that Tit was Lusker's little pet.

    Tit didn't drive him off this site, as he doesn't hold that power over Lusker.
    I guess I stand corrected.....
    In honor of Murray Woodgate (aka Carnak) 1961 - 2010

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    Thanks for your dedication to the site Lusker; we'll miss you but it's no use pretending that your decision to hang up moderating wasn't affected by "he who must not be named". You simply wanted to give him a chance and he put a knife in your back time and time again. Sometimes people can change but unfortunately they usually do not. Past behavior will dictate future behavior. He's not able to post now but you can bet he's watching all of this with a great deal of satisfaction. He doesn't care and sadly never will.

    The truth of the matter though is that 5 years from now none of us will say "Gee, I wish I'd spent more time on HVAC-Talk". You'll wish you went in your kids room to play or just to talk or took your wife to a movie.

    Don't be a stranger and once again, Thanks.

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    I'm still confused. Who is Lusker ?? Is he missing his stapler ??

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    I stil say

    Tit (aka) was BC1 idiot cousin.

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