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    Looking for either a touch screen or menu driven user interface. Has anyone tried this yet?
    I see one at that was made by a local contractor here that is supposed to work as one, but are there any others?

    I run up against bidding spec jobs that were written around Trane controls and their touch panel, most clients will delete the request when they find out about web access, but there are still a few that want it no matter what.

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    Since HVACC's Field Display was not very straightforward to setup in the r2 version, I can't imagine the AX version (once it's developed) being a walk in the park, either. I found the product to be a lot cooler on paper than in actual use.
    On the project I bought it for, I actually ended up "upgrading" from r2 to AX, and to meet the local display specification on the project, I purchased an industrial touchscreen PC, with an 8" display, for about $1250, from a company called Aplex USA. Several companies offer similar products for about the same price. Anything with a version of Windows that has a built-in browser (IE, of course, comes built-in) will work to show AX's presentation graphics. If your AX box was purchased with Workbench, then most everything you'll need is there.
    I found, howver, that running AX with a touchscreen is practically impossible. The touches required to execute a right-click, then enter a setpoint change, were difficult, at best. So, I bought a sliding keyboard drawer, bolted it to some shelving brackets, bolted that whole contraption to the wall under the PC, and now I use a full-size keyboard and mouse in lieu of the touchscreen (which wasn't technically in my project's specifications anyway)...and the customer gets their local full-color display. Yes, it's a PC, but since it's panel-mounted, nobody's going to easily walk away with it.

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    Could you maybe use Loytec's ELVIS display?

    I know there is a shadow object for two of Distec's LCD displays, but iI dont think these are touch screens.

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