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    Radon: Truth vs. Myth

    Interesting article for anyone interested enough in Radon in the home to read through it all. Most interesting part of it I read was that simple ceiling fans can be 95% effective at eliminating the risk of Radon contamination(?) in a home.
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    good question and I wondered the same. I grew up in Germany near an area with Uranium mining. there they made a big deal of sealing of basements etc. to prevent radon from penetrating. but that likely is higher concentrated and more radioactive than in areas without Uranium mining. In Germany no one is concerned about Radon (besides the mining areas) and I always think health/environment are more enforced in Europe than in the US. So I would guess it is not an actual issue.

    Here in WI they act like Radon is so dangerous, but there isn't any meaningful deposit of Uranium etc. So i kind of doubt normal areas really are that bad regarding health risk.

    Is it good to not get exposed, sure. but the same could be said about me not driving to work later and not getting in a car accident. I'm probably more likely to die in a car than from Radon.

    You also have to see the sales part of Radon, all these test kits and remediation measures....

    I guess it doesn't hurt to seal your basement properly when you built a new home and have good ventilation. but this helps with all kinds of pollutants.

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