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    tempstar vs carrier

    Have 2 quoits to install package heat pump one wants to install a carrier and the othe a tempstar both are the 3 ton 14 seer. both made by same company and advantage to either one?

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    Most ICP units are the same machine as a Carrier. It appears there are still a couple of older units listed that are ICP only products. PHX3 and PHX4. Both are 2 stage variable speed units and they qualify for the 5 or 7 year replacement warranty. They still being sold, Don? It appears the rest of the packaged HP line has switched over to the Carrier platforms.

    Whichever dealer you feel will do the best job. Warranties equal or is one of them going with an extended policy?

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    Everything just about the same one wants to use the Carrier Performance Series and the other wants to use the Tempstar PHD4

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    Go with the Carrier

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    Quote Originally Posted by simplyrollin View Post
    Go with the Carrier
    Why Carrier if they're both functionally the same unit?

    Carrier got you brainwashed, simply?

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    Subscribing. My Goodman 3.5 ton just went out. And being 6000 miles away from my house, my wife had 3 contractors come out. All said the same thing, that the system in the house was all screwed up. Improper ducting, 2 level house with one damper, returns next register (1).
    So, my brother in law got a friend who has been in HVAC for 30 years, and did his house come look at our. Too make a long story short, we are getting a 4 ton 15 SEER tempstar, new handler and ducting.
    Is Tempstar that bad? Arent they made my carrier?

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    carrier has brand name value. The biggest complaint I have about tempstar is, THEY DON'T STAMP OUT THEIR KNOCKOUTS WORTH A CRAP!

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    If it's on the higher end of the product lines then Carrier. On the lower end then toss up probably.

    Carrier reserves the best of it's products for it's own nameplates.

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    Same units different name.Save some money and go Tempstar.Also more dealers to choose from means more competition.

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    Low end unit = low end install

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    Low end unit? Low end install?

    Quote Originally Posted by drk View Post
    Low end unit = low end install
    We, I install tempstar and assure u that isn't the case? Most important is installation, my father has two "junk" goodmans that my father and I installed and have had not 1 problem in 8 yrs. LOW END UNIT... LOW END INSTALL. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA PLEASE SPEAK FOR YOUR SELF

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