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    Quote Originally Posted by craig1 View Post
    15.4 cents per KWH
    85.5 cents per therm

    Also out electric utility pushed through legislation so they can install smart meters and send our rates through the roof. Unless of course you only run your appliances at night.
    Well, the smart meters with time of use rates will certainly screw you. With your numbers you get twice as many btus per $ with gas than with electric resistance heat. Of course, that doesn't take into account the COP of the heat pump running in the moderate temps which if it is above 2.5 is a savings. The problem I guess would be if there is really an ROI at those rates.

    Quote Originally Posted by SPBryant View Post
    In Erie,PA:
    7.03 cents /kilowatt hour
    62.4 /ccf
    WOW, does that gas rate include distribution charges? If it's the total you pay per therm (or ccf) then you get almost 3 times the heat per btu with gas than with electric. If with a good COP on a heat pump it wouldn't be worth it.

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    How about putting in some night time heat storage to be released during peak periods.

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    so....wheres pictures of everyones unit? ive only seen one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gravity View Post
    so....wheres pictures of everyones unit? ive only seen one.
    That is what I was hoping to see.

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