I generally use roast as the meat. Crock-pot, so easy, but the best thing is that you can stick it in the fridge over-night and pull the layer of grease off next morning. I think that adds a lot to the quality of the chili, get the grease out.

Careful to cut the meat perpendicular to the grain in cuts no more than about 1 inch thick.

Cooking the meat in a crock-pot is the time to flavor the meat. Onions. Garlic. Black Pepper for mine. That makes for a heck of a broth to be tossed out afterwards, but I have never found another use for it. Toss everything but the meat.

Then back in the crock-pot, tomato sauce, ranchstyle beans, new onions diced, and season to taste. I suggest lots of black pepper and Tabasco sauce.