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    History: I have a 25 year old carrier air handler that has a relay gone bad and isn't using all the coils. I have a 91 goodman heat pump that has had problems but is working fine now. Weather is fine now so heat pump is having a problem, but weather is changing this weekend. We have had the house 2 years and don't plan to keep it more than 5 more.

    I can't seem to find comparisons anywhere. Please Help!
    Options in order of price:

    York Air Handler Only
    Heil Air Handler Only
    10 SEER York
    10 SEER Payne
    13 SEER Heil with R410A
    13 SEER York with R410A
    10 SEER Bryant - it must be gold plated for as much as they want for this one.

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    You are on borrowed time on that heat pump too. I'd replace all.

    If you have very cheap electric rates, the 10 SEER would be your best combo between operating costs and initial cost. If juice rates are higher or you are in an area with lots of cold or hot, then better look the 13 SEER route.

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    I'm in Indiana so no extremes for long periods of time.

    Any preferences on York Vs. Payne?

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    Yeah, Lennox
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    What electric company? Cincergy & IPL have very cheap rates. You won't find payback in 5 years for 13 SEER!

    Payne and builder York are about identical, the York Stellar is better built and would be my choice in the 2 brands. 5 year parts & labor wise with either!

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    Hmm U like ..

    Originally posted by dcnz
    Indiana. Any preferences on York Vs. Payne?
    1. Trane
    2. Lennox
    3. Climate Master
    4. York
    5. Bryant
    6. Armstrong
    7. ...
    8. ...
    9. ...
    10. ...
    11. ...
    12. ...
    13. PaIn
    14. Goodman
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