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    Coil cleaning on Package units located in T-Bar ceiling

    Hey Guys
    Im a fairly new tech (1 year Exp) looking for tips.
    On one of my routs theirs a couple of multi floor level shopping malls. Most of them contain water source heap pumps in the T- Bar ceiling. I have found several coils absolutely dirty. Some of them are even starting to freeze up. Obviously I cant pressure wash them inside the store, so what I have been doing is using some of those EPA approved foam spray cans and at least on the surface they seem to be working great.
    My question is how good do they work or is there some else out there that could do a better clean up all the way through the coil.
    Just trying to follow that saying.. Always leave it better than you found it

    Thanks for time

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    I never pressure washed a WS HP. If I had to pull one down for a repair, I would always clean the coil. A Genie Lift is a must.

    I took care of over 200 WS HP's for aprox. 17 years and never had a coil get as dirty as you describe. For me,the foam aerosol always worked well in tight spots.

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    Agree with dropping them. If they are that bad, then it's worth the effort. I have seen other guys use a hose and use ceiling tarps for the mess.

    Also the best tool for dropping HP's out of the ceiling is a Genie Super Hoist.

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    We have one of those genielifts and I agree they are the best.
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    Tarps and a wet/dry vac will do in most cases. But on some ive found it alot easier and less expensive(if you have accident and get computers or something wet!)to recover and pull he coils to take outside and clean. The latter was for extreamly dirty coils or where the possibility of water damage is too great.On coils that arent too dirty a stiff plastic bristle brush and the aerosol non rinse cleaners work well.

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    i will see if they have it at our local supply house, other wise i will order some.
    that looks great

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