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    Has anyone had any experiences with this OA reset controler. I finished installing a WM WTGO3 a few months ago with no problems. I've been researching all the various reset options - Heat Manager, Tekmar 256, ect. My system has 3 zones (Taco 007, zone valves) tankless coil with Aquabank fed by solar, pumping away, 15 deg delta supply/return. aproxamately 800 l.f. baseboard, Honeywell L8124C boiler control, Carlin EZ 1 .95 gph, 4 minutes on/12 minutes off with all zones calling at 25 deg OAT, 180 high limit/150 low limit New Haven CT. area. I would not plan to have the boiler shut down durring the warmer months. The system is probably oversized by 20K btu, but this was the smallest WM (as recomended by my oil company) I could get with the tankless coil. The WM replaced a 30 year old New Yorker Steel boiler with the same output, and tankless coil. Although the boiler doesn't seem to be short cycling, my reading of various threads indicates that a longer burn time is better for the boiler. There are no different firing/nozzle options listed for this particular boiler - only .95 gph. Any thoughts or suggestions? TIA Mark S.

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    Just because there is no mention of a smaller nozzle size, that does not mean it can't be fired lower. I'd recommend a .75-70°A or 70°B nozzle. It would be most beneficial if the boiler had a somewhat smaller nozzle too, as stack temps will be lower and efficiency is improved slightly. The smaller nozzle will make for longer burn times too, a sure way to squeeze more efficiency out of an all ready efficient oil boiler. Fine choice of boiler and burner combination by the way, kudos to your oil company. Make sure the differential is maximum set, 25° and open up the low and high limit settings some more too. I'd put the low limit at 140° and high limit at 170°. And lastly, without question, do not shut this type of boiler off in the summer.

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