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    Service tech is working on an Amana gas pac m/n PGB481352A
    Burners fire and run good with cover off. As soon as cover is put back on you can here burners popping like it is starving for air so he wants to cut a hole and add a grill for more air. Tech changed inducer motor and said he cleaned and checked heat exchanger, gas pressure and safeties. Can not find any manuals on this unit.
    What could make the burners starve for air when the cover is on.

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    had the same problem last year on several amana gas packs. Look at the flue comming up and out of the package unit. There should be some caulking at the seams at the bend. We beat our brains out last winter trying to solve this. Finally swallowed our pride and called the tech supportand they told us about the caulking falling out of the joints and causing this problem. Some high temp caulk solved this problem quite nicely. Hopefully this will help

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