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    Gas Fireplace - Blower runs constantly


    Still finding interesting things in this house ... latest is an unconnected wire from the Superior (HC-4320a) gas fireplace ... has a FAK-1500 fan kit, glass doors, etc.

    Only checked out the gas running ops when did inspection and didn't hear fan - figured it was thermostatically controlled. No switch anywhere for it.

    I hooked up the 14/3 cable to a circuit to test it ... fan came on and stayed on ... haven't taken the thing apart, yet ...

    Bad thermostatic sensor?

    Can find any installation instruction anywhere online.

    Thanks for comments!

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    That fire place is listed as wood burning and will not have auto fan control. The motor should be controlled by a wall switch or variable switch mounted in the wall. It may have had gas logs addedbut the fan will still be manually controlled.

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    Thanks Tjune54!

    You saved me several hours of dismantling the fan system ... I'll wire a switch in the wall near it ... think I can snake it from the basement level where it was dangling ....

    Even when running it didn't seem to output very much air - since it was added to wood system, I should have pretty low expectations, I guess.

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