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Thread: 90+ venting

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    I am having the bryant 90i plus installed next week, and am debating where to place the exhaust pipe. I can have it taken out the front of the house (not highly visible due to landscaping, etc) or the rear which will be much more difficult. Is the "exhaust" going to make a huge cloud of steam, or is it just water vapor? I guess I dont know what to expect. We currently have the dryer vented out the front, and it makes quite a "cloud" at times. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks to all on this forum for all the valuable information this site provides!

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    When I was estimating I always tried to take the venting out the rear or side of the structure instead of the front.

    It does not matter where the exhaust is put as long as it is within the venting table.


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    if your having a qualified hvac contractor install your furnace he will tell you where the vent should be terminated.these pvc pipes must be installed following codes as far as distance from windows and height from the ground.expect some vapor to be emitted from the exhaust pipe.

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    There are times when you can expect as much steam from the furnace vent as you would from the dryer.
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    pipes should also be cleared from landscaping and obstruction, be ware the flue that is emited from the exhaust will kill part of any landscaping. In ideal situations the shorter the run the better.

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