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    changeing compressor

    hey everyone thought I would ask if anyone has changed hermetic compressor to a scroll r22 walkin only have a a/c scroll r22 available today have accumlator and can rewire no problem it would be a cr18 to a zr18

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    it worked great btu's were close in high temp applcation so I thought it would be fine a little rewiring and repiping customer satisfied scroll very quite compared to old cr18 compressor

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    Refrigeration training

    Hello, I worked for a refrigeration company for about a year years ago and would like to get back into it. Does anyone have any ideas where i could get good training in the Austin, Texas area?

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    Oasis, you should start your own thread. Thanks.
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    The compressor's function is simply to convert a low pressure vapor into a high pressure vapor. As long as the compressor capacity is correct for your application, it doesn't matter how the compressor accomplishes its task (pistons, scroll, rotary, screw, etc)

    The real determining factor will probably be how much extra work do you want to do to install a compressor that has different mounting, piping and electrical connections compared to the OEM installed compressor.

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