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I pay people what they are worth (or as close as possible). Also I give them as a team 10% of the net. I call it the "one team bonus". Right now many of my employees are overpaid, that was my choice. I will either teach them to be better, or if I can't they will be down the road. You know what they say, Change the people, or change the people.

When an A/C God walks into my office and tells me how much they are worth, I ask them use a drum of R-22 in my office and tell me the temperature in the office. Care to guess how many can? Not many.

If they can and can go anywhere and fix anything they will get $25.00 per hr easy. Now it's up to them and go out and keep it. If they can't, they won't work for me very long.

Prima donna's need not apply.

P.S. It seems that the guys who think they are great are the ones my customers tell me don't know what they are doing.

When you are really that good you will get what you earn where ever you go.
I like that idea. I try to keep my office at 123 psi.....
Sounds as if you are doing alot better than R.L., IMO.