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    Hi guys,
    This is my first time posting and have a question im hoping somebody may be able to help with. Back in 2004 I bought a Carrier 58sta070 furnace and a Carrier condenser unit #38tkb and evaporator coil #ck5bxa. Every year we get killed on taxes, no kids and they say we make too much money. I find it to be a joke because im far from making too much money. Anyways, im just a cableguy and didnt know that I may be able to get a small deduction for home improvements like this but I have no idea if these units would qualify. Any help would be GREAT! Thanks, DJ

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    Government is a disease...
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    Is it because they are not enough seers?

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    federal refunds only apply for units installed after 1/1/06

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    Ask a tax expert

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    Even if they were installed today they wouldnt qualify.

    Have kids, adopt some, buy a house, get sick, give all your extra money to the charity or church of your choice.

    The reason the tax man is knocking is because you arent spending it on all the stuff listed above. I guess in the end, you'll be broke just like the rest of us.

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