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Thread: digital t-stats

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    Since I work for a state agency, I service and P.M. the same units, and don't get the variety of calls that ya'll do. I do help out friends and coworkers if they are in a bind, easy fixes, or after hour emergencies only. This is my second occurance in 6 months- Home owner buys a Hunter brand digital stat at Lowes, Home Depot, etc. installs it correctly, works for two weeks or so, then the heat kicks on when not needed and stays on. Both times it was in 10 Y.O. mobile homes with original units- 2, 2 1/2 ton, cool with electric heat. I put the original merc. bulb stat back up, and operation is normal. No anticipator adjustment on the dig. stat., no other problems with wiring, sequensors, etc located. These folks would like to upgrade to digital stats. Could I put a Robertshaw one on without same problem? Any inputs on what caused the initial problem? Thanks
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    robertshaws are decent .. i prefer honeywell touchscreens whenever possible for small commerc & resi

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    Hunter makes a good ceiling fan but thier t-stats have alot to be desired. I have had the same problem or where they wont turn unit on untill it is like 30 in the home. Replaced them with honeywell and everything works properly.

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    I like the high end White Rogers programmable stats. They have smart recovery, you tell the stat what time you want the house to be at temp and it decides when to come on. Also programmable blower control for delay on/off and continous circulation if desired. Also remote sense capable.

    The programmables sold at the home centers and the cheaper ones at the supple houses are generally crap.

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