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Thread: Bad compressor

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    Originally posted by otto
    Are you serious??? This is too-perfect a scenario. A DIY buys their own equipment and self installs it only to find a grounded compressor. Bill, my man, you're screwed. You should've called a competent, licensed contractor. I looked through your previous posts and saw that you were strongly advised to call someone to do this for you. Whaddaya think we all just fell off the turnip truck? Many people on this site have dedicated many hours learning how to perform this trade. It irks me to think that someone thinks they can just go buy the stuff and install it themselves. As they say in the legal profession: The man who represent himself has a fool for a client. It goes the same here. Good luck on that warranty. And I don't know anybody that wouldn't charge you double to repair this mess, if they would even do it at all. b BINGO!!!

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    Hey Bill when u call a contractor and say I install aheat pump an its not working wait a few minutes for the laughing to stop before you continue and make sure that you have ur checkbook ready and we take VISA too

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    Originally posted by otto
    Bill, my man, you're screwed. You should've called a competent, licensed contractor.

    Hahahaha,,,you tell em OTTO!!! Don't hold back.....I luv it.
    "And remember my sentimental friend......that a heart is not judged by how much you love, but by how much you are loved by others" - Wizard of Oz.

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