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    Listen, lady....

    Originally posted by dolphinlady
    u know i thought that this tread would HELP PEOPLE but all u guys want to do is make fun of people and belittle them
    We did try to help by advising you to call a pro. But you responded in a very arrogant manner claiming your "man" is a pro. Now, by your latest post you've released the hounds of Hell!

    Again, call a real pro!


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    i was already a pro when i found that the snap disc fan switch on some coleman furnaces has to be replaced with an oem part .(universal wont work well, if at all) tactfully suggest this to your guy,it kinda smarts to fall short when someone needs heat.hope this helps.

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    Unfortunately, due to site rules we as members can not discuss technical issues with the general public.

    Thank you for your cooperation.


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