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    Hi folks,

    We have been in our new Florida about a year and we have an annoying problem. The registers in the master bedroom make loud popping noises when the heating system comes on.

    When the heating unit turns on and the register/plenum heats up we get loud popping noises. The noise is loud enough to wake us up in the middle of the night! I believe this noise occurs due to expansion of the registers and only occurs when we are heating (no problems during the cooling season). The contractor recently removed the grilles and the problem does not occur but this is unsightly and can not remain forever. How can I solve this problem or How should I instruct the contractor to solve the problem?

    Please forgive my lack of proper terminology here as I go into the details. Having experience with heat pumps in the past, we decided to install a gas heat system. The two supply registers in the master bedroom ceiling are 32" by 5" (linear bar grille?) and have large triangular shaped plenums that transition from the round ducts to the linear registers.

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    have installer check air temp rise. air may be to warm causing expansion of ducts. doubt it could be an air flow issue or problem would be worse with a/c.

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