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    I recently put in a new HVAC system last fall and in December I replaced my old roof (yeah, it's a fixer upper). The HVAC tech came out this week to make sure the AC is ready for spring and found the unit low in freon. Turns out he found a hole in the refrigerant line and appears the roofers punctured it with a nail. I contacted the roofer and he said it sounds like the refrigerant line was took close to the roof/sheathing and this is against local code. Hence, he said he is not responsible but will come out and take a look to confirm. My AC guy is pointing the finger at the roofer. Let me say both parties have been proffessional and are reputable. So I am not looking to bash either. I just don't think I should be responsible for the repairs and would like your professional opinions. I have pictures of the line indicating proximity to the roof...just got to figure out if and how I can get them posted for you guys Thanks for any advice you can provide.

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    We don't need pictures,

    If the line was close enough for a nail to hit it (unless the roofer used 3 inch nails) the blame is all on the A/C man.

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    Thanks for the reply. I could fit my index finger between the roof plywood and I would just be touching the insulated wrap on the line...approx 3/4 inches from roof.

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    I agree with Trane.

    You will need the A/C guy to repair the leak anyway.
    Get it fixed.

    If he thinks he is not liable, let him bill the roofer.

    Here's how to post pics.

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