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    HVAC for sunroom

    I am installing a Four Season sunroom at my house.

    Size - 16 L x 11 W x 9 H

    Glass is high performance, insulated safety glass with Argon glass filling. Glass has R value of 4.

    All walls and roof are glass, with the exception of the back wall which will be the exterior of my brick house.

    Room faces west and I live in northeast.

    I would expect lowest o/s temps to be around 10, and highest around 90 during summer. I'd like to use this as much as possible but, obviously, will refrain with extreme weather conditions.

    I want to install a split Mitzibushi Mr Slim heating/cooling unti.

    I figured I needed around 18,000-24,000 BTU's.

    Am I correct about the size needed , and can you recommend a particular model?

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    is that where the next convention is going to be held?
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    Quote Originally Posted by dandyme View Post
    is that where the next convention is going to be held?
    Yuuup! Correct.

    Here's a Calculator.
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