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    Has anyone used or know anything about Echelon's Panoramix enterprise package. Sysint? Although we like an use the Ilon 100 for stand alone buildings, we have never used them on a campus environment because we don't know how to make them work seamlessly together. Is Panoramix like Tridium's Web supervisor?

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    The ilon100 is two things really. It is actually a node on a LON network and a webserver.

    Tridium is a proprietary webserver, and isn't a fieldbus device.

    Panoramix leverages the ability to move data back and forth much the way I would imagine a "web supervisor" would. Or, InetSupervisor, Eutech... Interestingly, the ilon can work fine with all these other packages.

    How does Tridium allow third party applications to access for read/write?

    Anyway, nothing is "seamless".

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    I should add that Panoramix probably doesn't care about LNS databases either. Utilizing ilon100's and web binding... etc.

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    we are proposing a remote access solution to a bank for its branches. Typically a few RTU's and some misc points. I great application for the Ilon 100. But, we need to have global alarming and scheduling.

    sysint - have you ever used Panoramix? Is there another solution for multiple geographic sites.

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    ..hundreds of banks?

    The reason I ask is if this is 25 banks do the ilon's with LNS at each site. Utilize web binding for global functions.

    For scheduling, you could even do stuff like schedule with a third party app... (Outlook) open a SOAP connection and dump into the ilon schedules.

    Global alarming and scheduling really could be done alot of different ways..... you would need to define what things you want to do.

    We don't use Panoramix, it's for very big stuff.(like doing McDonald's across the country)... and you would want more than one of those accounts. That being said, with better definition, I could give you better ideas. It's wide open.

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