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    Infinity Control shows Furnace at 0%

    I have a recently installed Infinity Furnace (59TN6) and Infinity Controller. I've noticed that whenever the furnace is clearly on (red light flashing, heat coming out), the status page on the thermostat (accessed by clicking button on right side of controller) always shows "Furnace: 0%". If the furnace is off, the status page will correctly show "Furnace: Off", but when on, I have never seen anything other than 0%.

    I asked my installer about it and he said its not a problem, and while it is keeping our house warm, I can't help but think that something isn't hooked up correctly.

    I'd appreciate any insight into what is going on, and whether this could be a problem with our new system. Thanks.

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    This may be a dumb question but you do have a Furnace not a Heat Pump? or Duel Fuel?

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    I only have a furnace - the Carrier Infinity 96 Two Stage.

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    Hmmm. I don't believe that furnace should be reading % of operation. As a 2-stage it should just read Off, Low or High. Your installing company should either have the answer or they should contact the tech service people at Carrier who can walk them through the necessary set-up if something is wrong. The Infinity User Interface has a somewhat complex set-up regime and something may be inappropriately set.

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