Hey guys, I recently acquired this True Freezer from a customer since the compressor was going out and they didn't want to pay to repair it.

Anyways I like my beer quite a bit and already have a Keg-o-rator but its on its last leg and old. I am going to try to convert this thing into a fridge, I already have a tstat out of a regular T23 (fridge) and since the compressor is done, what do you all think about swapping the compressor to a fridge unit.

This this would work? I was going to just swap compressors to another freezer and use the fridge tstat but I was concerned about the compressor lasting being short cycled in a fridge environment.

What do you think, could a swap to a fridge compressor and t-stat make this a viable fridge? At least a good enough one to be a badass keg-o-rator?

Thanks all