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    I am building a new, two-story home and plan to have a separate furnace on each level. The top floor has a space in the attic for a furnace and the contractor has cut a hole in the roof directly above the furnace location. From there extends a white plastic pipe with a cone shaped tip that extends up about 18 inches. This is seen at the tip of the roof above the front door and from the street. It detracts from the appearance of the house where it is currently located.

    The second furnace in the basement has a vent pipe extending straight to the rear ground level wall and the contractor placed a vent outlet right next to the rear patio doors which is also quite noticeable where it is located.

    The contractor tells me that these are the most direct routes for these vents and the vents cannot be configured to bend in different directions. I would much prefer the vents to be moved to the rear roof area in the case of the attic furnace or the side of the house with the basement located unit.

    We plan to use 92% efficient Trane or Carrier variable 2 speed furnaces. How much flexibility is there in vent locations for these and can vents be directed in 90 degree bends without significant problems?

    Thanks very much for any suggestions or advice!

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    All manufactures have strict guidelines that must be followed. These guidelines are in the installation manuals.

    They consider the angles, pipe length, pipe size, etc.. look in the manual and you will know what can and can't be done for your particular furnace installation.

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    As jultza said, the Manufacture has limitatons on the piping.

    It does sound like the attic unit could be piped different, but it might have to be insulated.

    The basement unit, may be at its max lenght alreadt due to its size and position in the basement.

    Ask your hvac contractor how much it will cost you for him to repipe rhem if they can be relocated, and your builder how much it will cost you to repair the holes.
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    Ask to see the manufacturers installation instructions. all the limitations, requirements will be in there. I know for a fact on the Trane TUY series, you can have up to 200 ft. of pipe under certain circumstances. each ellbow, etc. will subtract from this 200 ft. length.

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    If you have a good Trane dealer, you can have him put in the BAYVENT200, and it gives it a nice look in back of the house.

    I agree abotu the attic, it can be moved some.. but it has to be above level of the furnace itself.

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    It sounds like it could have been put on the rear side of the roof, this should have been discussed ahead of time. Who would want this on the street side if not necessary? Depending on the furnace vent piping requirments it is likely they both could terminate at a different location. You could paint the roof termination and it would look much better.

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    Paint it black, no one will notice it.

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    90+ venting

    Trane 90+ furnaces are approved with PVC venting that runs down toward the floor, then slope upwards at 1/4" rise per ft. Obviously there needs to be space under the low point of the PVC for condensate removal. Garage installations can use the crawl space of the liiving space for venting.

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    Thumbs up Venting Requirements for Trane XV

    Thanks very all the feedback.

    I've looked at the Trane website but can't seem to find an installation manual that gives details on venting. The owner's manual doesn't cover this topic. Any suggestions as to where I might find this information?

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    Go back to there Web site and click on “Dealers” Contact them with your situation. They should send you the Installation Instructions.

    But be warned Read All the Venting Tables

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    why are you looking at trane website? I thought you said these were Carrier units. They should be able to vent in a more practical location as long as they meet the standards ussually you deduct 5' feet per 90 degree elbow and half for 45 degree elbows, if your run is longer then you can bump it to 3" pipe.

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