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    well today i visted a local votech and i got really interested in hvac i have to say it looks like just the career im looking so i was wondering how you like your career in hvac an so on. and what kind of training did you do did you do votech and a apprentice ship or what

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    this is a career field that is:

    well worth the effort, unless you are limp wristed, whiny, self-centered

    you will get out of it exactly what you put into it

    votech is as good as any to determine if you are willing to make the commitment that is necessary to excel in this field, then if you want to go further the choice is yours.
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    Hello Nick

    Good for you, just undestand that all training has value and don't be suprised if you chose ro become an electrician or plumber or ...who knows.
    Understand the there is a generic set of skills that you will be learning that will allow you to do ANYTHING YOU CHOSE.
    This also means that you need to be interested in EVERYTHING like the carpenters framing or what the insulator is doing. Try to take it all in.

    If you would like to talk, feel free to use my profile, I would be happy to speak with you
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    ya when i was had at school they had some activiteis i found it interesting. everyone there had a job already super small class just right for me

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    It can be physically demanding work especially in the beginning. BUT if you are genuinely interested in this kind of work and enjoy troubleshooting then everything else becomes insignificant. And if you excel, you probably won't be carrying boiler sections up steps and wrapping duct for long.

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