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Thread: DX 9200 upload

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    I have all the software and null cable but cannot get the program out of this DX keep getting port initialization failed promt the program just needs ajustment and files are gone some help would be great

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    I,m sure you made sure address was right (same as DX) when you tryed to up load?

    Check port setings under upload (should be com1) if uploading from a lap top and pluged into rs232 serial(printer port) 9 pin...null modem cable sounds right

    want to try something wierd (flip cable around, other way, dont know why- had a cable problems a few times and fliped it the other way!..and so i marked cable PC one end and DX the other!)but might work!

    One other thing i can think of? is When you have a BLANK screen open...have to to you version might not match!...check under controller tab...and click other ver, #
    (work your way thru them all)

    if it has a password...good luck...have to send to JCI (but it should pop up with a screen...that prompts you for one.

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