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    in a tree looking in your window
    That sucks bad Jerry, I am a little concerned about your lack of faith in yourself to sweet talk the customs agent in Belize to let you in the country though, I mean come on you do sell stuff up there in Vermont dont you, surely you could have come up with something

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    wasnt you going to scuba anyway?

    maybe start swiming now you may get there by monday

    sorry to hear it jerry but you knew you was getting your balls busted when you posted this

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    Well I was on the freaking phone for hours trying to straighten this mess out.

    I fly out of Albany on Sunday morning and I should get into Belize by Monday afternoon. If nothing else happens. They said my gear should be back to Albany by Sunday morning.

    I suppose 2/3rds of a vacation is better than none.

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    I wish ya luck Benny.

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    Do you have to pay again for the airfare?
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    hey you know the airports only refund you up to $2800 per bag of lugage if it gets lost


    check out this artical

    The Atlantic Monthly | June 2002

    Special Collections

    The Land of Lost Luggage
    by Richard Rubin


    f an airline has ever lost your luggage, you know that even after your claim has been settled and the matter closed (at least as far as the airline is concerned), you can't help wondering, Where did my bag go? Cedar Rapids? Ulan Bator? Alpha Centauri?

    Actually, chances are pretty good it went to Scottsboro, Alabama. Every year thousands and thousands of wayward suitcases end up in Scottsboro—specifically, at the Unclaimed Baggage Center. Once an airline has tried and failed to reunite suitcase and owner (a process that varies according to airline), it will compensate the owner and sell the suitcase—and all its contents—to the UBC, which buys suitcases by the truckload and hauls them to its 50,000-square-foot complex in Scottsboro. There the UBC staff sorts through the bags and puts their contents in a showroom (or some of them: others are given to charity, still others discarded), where they can be seen and bought by members of the public. But are people really interested in buying other people's, uh, lost stuff? "We'll have close to a million people come to the store this year," says Bryan Owens, the owner of the UBC, "from every state in America and thirty foreign countries. This is kind of the Mecca for lost bags."

    Owens's father started the UBC in 1970, with a rented old house, a borrowed old truck, and a $300 loan. Today the center gets nearly 7,000 new items every day, and Owens says that people can't seem to get enough. "It's a treasure hunt," he says. "Every day is like Christmas here—we never know what we're going to find. Just last week we found a twenty-eight-thousand-dollar tennis bracelet and a one-point-six-karat diamond ring. We've had a medicine-man stick adorned with a shrunken head, and a Nikon camera that was in the Space Shuttle. Back in the eighties we got a well-traveled Gucci suitcase that was packed with artifacts that dated back to 1500 B.C. And once we found a guidance system for an F-16 fighter jet, in a shockproof case from the Department of the U.S. Navy. It was labeled 'Handle With Extreme Caution—I Am Worth My Weight in Gold.'" The UBC sent that one back.

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    Get yourself one of those zippered wallets that strap to your chest... it's pretty hard to lose stuff or get ripped off that way...

    My girls and I are going to Europe this summer and I've already got them for us...

    Sorry to hear of your mishap, make the most of your abbreviated trip and have fun!

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    That sucks.

    Next (week, month, year, lifetime) you will look back at this and laugh.
    Read, read, read!

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    Hmm and here i thought..............

    i was the only one that had that kind of sh*t happen....sorry ,will you still be able to make it later?...i hope so!!!!!!!

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    Sorry to hear about that Jerry. You know though we will never let you live it down though Does Jack know ??

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    Beenie I am so sorry to hear this news, hang in there and have a good time with the remainder of your Vacation. It is only a three hour drive from here to there, do you want me to come up and give you a hug?
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    Bummer old man, really sucks. When Jack posted your travel plans and all the layovers and plane changes, I was thinking I bet they lose your luggage or something, I never thought you would lose yout tics though. Didn't your car break down on the way home from the Baltimore convention? Maybe you should stay home from now on.
    Take care and sorry about that, really.
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    Originally posted by benncool
    My luggage is in San Francisco. I was supposed to be with it......I am back home in Bennington. I am completely bummed out.
    Well, that was a revolting developement!!
    Your middle name isn't Murphy, is it?


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