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    Yes i have probably mispelled the word beuacracy, oh well, 4 yrs to be an engineer not and english scholar. Here's my flame of the day, not too happy with the american gov't today. Deep breath,
    So here i am sitting at the boarder of mexico and the u.s. had to cross over into mexico to validate visa's. So we, the missus, little one and i, pop into the registration offices and plunk down in line for the long wait ahead of us. Oh!!!!! how i just love this part of the whole process,. Not only do i learn a new language but i brush up on my own english skills, with the rest of the illegals, patiently waiting in line. The little one doesn't care we have a movie on our little protable dvd player, he makes new freinds and the wife and i don't have to kill him in the process. So not only is it crowded and noisey but some of the illegals are causing some huge ruckass and are being thrown out, across the border,. This is alittle amusing but never the less noisey, but hey we're taking it all in, never been to Nogales, and the sites are breath taking, not,. So after an hour of waiting, heard that this was a slow day, the missus passes over the hemmingwayian novel of paperwork that we need, just to prove that we are who we are and are not some threat to the security of the country. The gent looks us over, all smile are we, and tells us to park it for a few more minutes. WE say no worries, fall back into probably the most confortable chairs i've ever sat in, at a gov't office, no lies almost fell asleep,. Mean while there had to be close to thirty illegals getting work permits,. I know this because i met an old hockey buddy from buffalo. So we get called back up and the missus gets her visa secured and i get the HEEEELLLL no from the gov't yet again. So as my mouth drops for the third time in as many yrs, i ask why, no mouthy but polite and explain the nice, very large(fatass), with the hand cannon on his belt, how is it that there was close tho thirty illegals, yes they were illegal, can get a work permit, evn though according to the NAFTA agreement I should have a green card, not just a visa,. So in my mind i'm loosing it once again gov'ts collide and who get's it in the arse.
    Well, to my surprise this fine officer has an explaination for me, and I qoute" the reason i've yet to recieve my visa stamp, is, here it comes,
    1. I'm educated, environmental engineer
    2. I'm white, no lying here
    3. I'm thirty, this one confused me
    4. I'm male
    5. and I'm from a first world country."
    So now i'm almost ready to blow a gasket, I couldn't believe the rubbish i'm hearing. He then proceeds to tell me, albeit whispering, as he's stamping my dependancy visa, " that the gov't getts more money from the world bank, in taking in people from third world countries, then it would from my taxes."
    I almost fall off the chair, my god, i've now heard just about everything, It's right friggin sad that a person can jump the border, demand a work visa and have it handed to them. Yet an educated person, i use this loosely, wants to work, no, will kill to work and cannot. I just love it.
    Oh! a friend of mine even told me to join the army, I can atleast do that,they'll take anyone just about now, right. Nope on that one, I've already been denied, as i laugh at this, because i've allready spent time in the canadian airborne, they saw that and said no. I guess they already know that i know what goes on.
    Just my one vent for the day, thanks to all thows who read this, i feel the stress just dripping away, the 10 beers don't hurt either.

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    who ever said the american goverment was ever good LOL

    Its full of lazy incompent people who couldnt do real work if they had to

    just look one of them tried to shoot a bird and shot his friend bunch of shady people if you ask me

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    See the movie THEY LIVE and it will explain everything.
    “Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.”

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    i tell yah this guy must have been there since nixon was in office. not only was his ass huge, mammoth, but he had a helper taking all of the paper work that needed to be filed across the room. the cabinet had to be maybe thirty feet away, this was way to comical.
    the helper was probably making 20 and hour doing this.
    very funny under the circumstances

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