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    Confused Wood stove install

    Hey guys,
    With winter approaching once again I've had the idea of installing a wood stove to try and supplement our oil bills. I was just wondering what kind of problems I may have to address for install. we have a 1200 sq ft cape cod, and my plan was to set the stove on an outside wall in the living room. Can I run a dedicated flue through the ceiling (which puts the vent behind the knee wall on the second floor) and terminate through the roof? Also the chimney for my oil fired boiler will be within a few feet. Could this pose a problem? Does anyone have a recommendation for style of stove? I've seen U.S. stove co has stoves with 100 cfm blowers that seem to be reasonably priced, any thoughts on these? TIA for any responses. I have a few more questions, but lets take this 1 step at a time!

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    You will have to check with local building codes as to what you can and can not do. As far as a good stove, I like Vermont or Dutch West.
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    You can run factory chimney up through the house but you have a lot of planning to do. First of all, what is the stove going to sit on? If you have combustible construction, you will need to plan on stove boards and clearance reduction systems for the floor and walls. If the stovepipe is to be within 18" of combustibles, you must shield it or use close clearance double walled pipe. The factory chimney will prescribe what components and clearances. In addition, plan on an attic insulation shield to keep insulation off the chimney and firestop.

    You could vent it outside up the gable end of the building but keeping it indoors will help tremendously.

    I'm in SE Pa, too. Send me a pm with your contact info.

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