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    In a house Furnace how can you determine if it's going bad. I'm buying a house and the furnace is 14 years old. I have an inspector coming out to check it out but I'd like to know for my knowledge.

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    Not too many of us in the trade are real fired up about home inspectors. Might see what he says but the real answer would be a "good" tech to do an evaulation. Sometimes they are hard to find and often with mom & pop firms, not the big chains. I know that will rankle some fur but around here, the biggies have turned their techs into salesmen pushing replacement if they see anything over 10 years old

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    Have a reputable HVAC TECHNICIAN check out the heating & cooling system. 9 times out of 10, inspectors dont do jack or know jack and jack is very important and can save you lots of money,

    Good luck!
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    Baldloonie is right. Smaller companys can give an honest opinion.We do home inspection/supplements. We basically give our opinion,on what we see and can diagnose,In addition to the home inspector.

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    assuming from your post, a home inspector will be evaluating furnace. It may be in your best interest to call a local reputable hvac company and have an inspection done. A good company will be able to tell you condition and or efficiency of unit as well as potential problems or if replacement is needed.

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    we do heater certs but they are only good for 30 days reason is a heater can go bad with little to no warning

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    after the home inspector finishes checking your furnace you can have a qualified hvac contractor due a proper inspection,many times they are just looking for something to find wrong.and they cant properly inspect your ac unless its 65-70 degrees outside.

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