I serviced a 9000 btu Heatcraft Beacon II WIC recently. I was curious how these machines are supposed to regulate head pressure with out a LAC type valve or fan cycling. Is is not important to maintain head pressure with their EEV? Is it balanced port?

The heatcraft manual gives instruction regarding charging, but they seem to assume that there is some means of head pressure control. There is a WIF right next to the WIC that I was working on of the same make and vintage. It has a LAC and fan cycling.

It seems that there has been a spate of EEV failures due to the fact the entire valve design and supplier has been changed since at least January of this year when the latest Beacon II manual was published showing the old valve. Don't mount the retrofit valve upside down. I got this info verbally from the factory; but they provided no written instructions with the new valve.

I am also not impressed by the tape on crankcase heater!